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Head of customers
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The vacancy

Salesflare is looking for a Head of Customers. Your goal will be to help our Salesflare team to serve our customers even better and to align our company with the customers' short and long term needs even more.
As we are a small team, the job content is extremely varied and spans from the big picture to the small details. "If a customer has a problem, it's our problem" is a philosophy that has an impact on many aspects of what happens at Salesflare. You have the opportunity to be involved in all of these aspects.
You will talk to customers, help them out, think about ways to improve our product for the customers, rethink and automate customer touchpoints, create new and better processes, drive up the amount of happy customers, and grow our customer base.
Our goal is to make a maximum amount of sales people maximally happy. And you will work at the heart of this!

Our product

Salesflare is an intelligent sales CRM that sales people actually love.
It is built on the available big data in emails, calendar, phone, social media, web, ... and offers sales people a CRM that fills out itself (instead of sales people having to input everything manually). Salesflare helps to sell more effectively as well, by applying intelligent algorithms and artificial intelligence on its unique data pool.
Computers are better at working with large amounts of data, while sales people are better at understanding and working with people. Salesflare's end goal is to automate everything in sales but the essential human contact, and to make this contact even more human.

Our company

Salesflare is currently a 6 person team based in Antwerp, Belgium.
We use 2 weekly scrum planning, are very product and customer focused, and constantly think up creative solutions to serve more customers better in a more organized way.
Our team works closely together in one place, communicating clearly and openly about just about everything. There's a fun atmosphere and everybody is encouraged to grow and pick up lots of responsibility towards our customers.

Your profile

Please apply if:
You get energized when interacting with people.
You like thinking about what makes a great app and user experience.
You have a good idea of how software works. You fully grasp what Outlook, Chrome, JavaScript and iOS is.
You're used to solving problems with software and to explaining how an app works.
You love making your hands dirty and thinking about the big picture at the same time.
You pick up full responsibility when a customer needs help.
You often think up creative ways to build out and grow a business and a product.
Digital and social media is completely your thing.
You understand that sales is about bringing value to other people and getting paid for it in return.

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