Internship sales-oriented, marketing-driven beast


Internship sales-oriented, marketing-driven beast
Boerentoren, Antwerp, Belgium - kaart


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45 min pauze

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Nederlands, Frans, Engels


Living Stories Bezoek Profiel
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Your job is to help us put this start-up on the map while solving cases based on sales, digital-marketing and develop strategies to take over the world. 

At Living Stories we thrive to implement a healthy lifestyle in business related environments. Together with you we develop a personal strategy to boost the levels of productivity and concentration of employees.

To make things short: we offer healthy snacks and beverages to businesses and combine this with health consultancy.

What do you have to do to take over our world? 

  • Explore and implement growth opportunities within and between organizations
  • Be curious about learning, creating and testing sales tactics
  • Navigate your way into digital marketing to take Living Stories to the next level and create an online-community
  • Scan the latest health-trends and turn them into practical use
  • Discover potential clients
  • Integration of efficient strategies in our logistics

What do we offer you? 

  • The Knowledge on how to successfully turn an idea into a business
  • Mentorship from several CEO's, Business-School Professors, Field Experts,...
  • The influence of marketing/digital marketing in real life business
  • How to market yourself and take care of your proper PR
  • An awesome office with an extraordinary view over the city of Antwerp that you share with other innovative and high-potential Start-Ups in a vibrant environment (KBC Boerentoren) 
  • Different sales strategies for small businesses and big corporates 
  • Possible fees are negotiable


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