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Marketing intern
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Loop Bezoek Profiel
Volgens de Wereldgezondheidsorganisatie riskeren 1,1 miljard jongeren gehoorschade bij het uitgaan. Oordoppen zijn de oplossing, maar de bestaande verpesten je beleving. Loop is de 1e oordop die je uitgaansbeleving verbetert. Door de combinatie van een 3D geprint akoestisch kanaal, geavanceerde filter en geheugenschuim zetten we de benchmark op vlak van sound, looks en comfort. Loop, upgrade je nightlife!

Volledige omschrijving

Are you the talented marketing intern we’re looking for? Loop is taking over the market and we want

you to help us tell the story. Discover what it’s like to be an entrepreneur and explore all domains of

online marketing. Beware, this internship is not for softies!


  • Inbound marketing: Attract traffic to our website, convert them into new leads and customers.
  • Content creation: Write and produce various projects and blog regularly.
  • Influencers and media: Lead our influencer outreach, public relations and co-marketing program.
  • Social media: Grow our followers, help convert them into customers and fans of our company.
  • Creative branding: Brainstorm with us to create a great company brand and image.


We’re looking for fellow entrepreneurs who are:

  • Open to learning and discovery - highly curious, inquisitive and creative.
  • Eager to search for a repeatable and scalable business model.
  • Agile enough to deal with daily change and able to wear multiple hats.
  • Comfortable celebrating failure when it leads to learning and iteration.
  • Digitally savvy, aware of trends in social media and data driven.

About Us

According to the World Health Organization 1,1 billion people are at risk of hearing loss. Earplugs are

the best solution, but the existing ones ruin your experience. Loop is the first earplug that improves

your nightlife. By combining a 3D printed acoustic channel, advanced filter and memory foam we set

the benchmark in terms of sound, looks and comfort. Check our website for more info.

Loop is a start-up founded by Maarten Bodewes and Dimitri O. Maarten is a commercial engineer,

worked at Microsoft as hosting lead and loves to go out. Dimitri is a civil engineer, serial entrepreneur

and online marketing expert.

What We Offer

By working in a start-up, you will get in touch with all aspects of running a business. You’ll receive a

lot of responsibility and we expect you to be creative and challenge us. Loop operates in the

awesome nightlife, fashion and music industry. We are part of Start-It @KBC, a Belgian incubator of

400 start-ups and are based in Antwerp.

Our goal is to start selling Loop online, invest heavily in original marketing and become the worldwide

leader in hearing protection. We offer you a unique part or full-time internship in Antwerp (or from

home). Contact us via or +32 472 88 12 03 if you want to be part of the Loop revolution. 

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